Diana's Craigslist Horror Story

I want to thank Diana for sending us her personal experience with craigslist casual encounters. It came at a time when I really needed a good laugh. So thanks Diana! There's some really good advice at the end from a women's perspective, so guys, pay attention here! Here it is. Diana's Craigslist Nightmare.

A woman writes in! I stumbled upon your site after googling that exact title, because I wanted to know if anyone had any horror stories to share, like myself.

In my late 20's during a dry spell I decided to check out the casual encounters ads. In the M4W section it was just too much, too much all caps, too many dirty pics, everyone sounded like a caveman! So I decided to post an ad myself. I was honest, described myself (a bit chubby) and got a shit tonne of responses. It went well - after the initial holy crap of deluge of replies, I found one that I thought was okay and after a few weeks (yes I know) of back and forth we had a few hot meetups. I got high from all the responses - it made me feel wanted! - and I had a great arsenal of attractive face shots for guys whose replies I was interested in, and body shots for subsequent discussions with those guys about what I wanted to do - so I decided to post again. What I didn't consider is the fact that some respondents would be liars.

So I start talking to a bunch of respondents and one says he's tall, built, big tool, yadda yadda, and sent pics that made him look pretty hot, but not unreasonably hot. I give him my pics... and my naughty pics.. and we talk dirty. I get worked up thinking about meeting up and offer to call him for some actual dirty talk on the phone and to arrange our meetup. I call him and as its ringing he msns me to say "don't be shocked, altho Im from Texas I have more of an asian accent bc my mom is chinese". WTF? Then he answers.. and he is not a 28 year old Texan but from the sounds of it, a creepy old Indian man! I hung up right away and then before i could even exit msn he starts messaging me creepy stuff about how I sound really young and what am I afraid of and can he take pics of me while we're going it at! I am completely creeped out and worry that I would never be able to get turned on again!! Thank goodness we never met.

I have to interrupt you here Diana. This guy's the first thing that came to mind when I was reading your story. This blog post has really made my night! 

Other funny stories from the guys I met up with -
- a guy who just wanted a BJ and came all but a minute in to it. I laughed and as a result didn't get any action back from him myself
- the guy who I'm pretty sure is gay. He complimented my curtains in my apartment, said he couldn't wait to redecorate his new place, had ZERO interest in my boobs (and mine are fantastic!) and did not want me to give him any oral pleasure. It was fun but not great.
You'd think that all this would have deterred me from going that way again but every now and again I post. Sometimes I find a good guy to meetup with, sometimes I just enjoy the ego boost but don't find anyone I want to meet with, sometimes I get flagged and removed before I even get 100 responses. Every guy I ended up meeting up with ended up being true to his word, I guess I learned how to screen properly!
Tips for guys responding to ads?
- Dont send a cock shot. Unless all you need to get off is the thought of a woman looking at the pic you sent.
- If she sounds too good to be true, she probably is. Women rarely want to meet that day without doing their due diligence on you, unless they want money or are men. Most women will want to talk a bit and confirm you are who you are before wanting to meet up.
- Don't call her by the name on her email, it probably isn't real.
- If you send a pic and get silence in return (more than a few days without a response) don't follow up. If she wants you she'll respond.
- If she asks for a certain type (over a certain height, certain body type, certain race) don't throw your hat in the ring if you don't fit the criteria. Esp if you dont have a pic. Those are just annoying.
- Don't send cock shots! Ugh. I love cock but we need context when it comes to cock.


Follow up on our experiment

Although I said I'd be posting results from my little experiment. It turns out it's gotten a lot harder to post in the w4m section. After going through the whole phone verification process I finally got one of my posts up. Problem is, it didn't last long enough to get a good amount of replies. I got flagged. Constantly. Every time I posted. There they were. Those annoying flaggers! I'll be posting again this week in hopes of my ad staying up long enough to get some good material to share with you all. We'll get back to this soon. In the meantime let's get back to our horror stories.